There are many small and long rivers in and around Bangalore where one can indulge in kayaking with groups of friends. There are many professional kayakers too who would help you around with a kayak and even instruct and assist you in the same.

River Kali, which is in Class III plus section and located near Dharwad and Hubli, is the most favoured spot for an amateur crowd of fun going kayakers. The river is in Dandeli and about 10 hour drive from the city of Bangalore. It is definitely worth a visit for the kayaker lovers in Bangalore.

Upper Barapole which is located in the Class III to IV of the creeks section, in the depths of the Coorg hills, is another highly favoured destination for kayaking in Bangalore. It is just six hours drive away from Bangalore and thus a nice weekend getaway for the water sport enthusiast.

The famous Bheemeshwari section of the river Cauvery, which is very near the Galibore, is the very popular areas for kayaking. The area is just two hours away from Bangalore and thus much favoured by large crowds of people who want to learn as well as enjoy the sport of kayaking over the weekends. The river, with its natural beauty and scenic landscape makes it a hot favourite among campers.