Feel like not going far from the capital? Then you can go for your canoeing trip right in the center of London. River Thames offers kayaking opportunities to tour the ancient city and experience the various historical sites and elements.

Some of the outstanding structures you can view from the river include the Tower of London, the Tower Bridge, the MI6 headquarters, some of the city’s amazing bridges, and Parliament and the London Eye. When you get to Greenwich, you can explore more sights around after an afternoon of paddling.

You will need to know that the river hosts many boats and water users. Therefore, it is ideal to find and use sections of the river with calm waters to avoid accidents with passing water vessels. There are various ways of getting to the Thames from around the city.

Lake District

Do you want to meet like-minded people out to paddle? Then the Lake District should be your first stop since it is a popular kayaking destination for most people. The glacial ribbon lakes give the region its name. You will have access to a vast area of water for your canoeing activities.

The Lake District is not only popular among kayaking enthusiasts but also tourists interested in various activities. The place is known as a national park and it also has various market towns. But while you are canoeing on the lakes, you will not miss capturing the moments of the spectacular rugged mountains surrounding the lakes.